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Revelatorium 2: The Intelligent Design of Creation Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

Revelatorium 2: The Intelligent Design of Creation

Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

Published February 13th 2014
Kindle Edition
581 pages
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 About the Book 

This extraordinary book picks up where Urantia and the Phoenix Journals leave off. 2014 rewritten edition by Delahnnovah Starr Livingstone. The 36 chapters include 110 colour mandala illustrations of the “Intelligent Design of Creation.Intelligence, Energy and Substance are the three basic attributes of Creation.The basic parts of the design are a cube, a sphere and straight lines.A point and center of Creation exists, consisting of exactly one point.The bottom line of Creation is the fifth dimension.The fourth dimension has forty nine levels.Cubits are the genomes of Creation.DID YOU KNOW THAT....?A CUBIT is not a ‘Howlongisit’, it is a ‘Whatisit’.The CHOSEN ONES are not one hundred and forty four thousand people walking round, they are the one hundred and forty four Energy Principles of Galactic Law.The TREE OF LIFE is not a shrub on a mountain side somewhere in the Middle East, it is collectively the twelve signs of the Zodiac.The DAY OF ATONEMENT is not the day you cotton up for your indiscretions, It is the day of AT-ONE-MENT, the day you are absorbed up into your eternal Soul Atoms self as an ‘Adopted Fruit’.The HOLY GRAIL is not a tin cup in a dusty basement, it is a cup shaped resonance center between your Pineal gland and Pituitary gland.The FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH is not a spring in Florida, it the rise up your spine of your seminal fluids.The BEAST is not a creature that walks, it is a condition in your consciousnesses which persists.SODOM AND GOMORRAH were not somewhere in Israel, they were in North America, ‘the cities of the Plains’.The FOURTH DIMENSION is not the only other dimension, there are eighteen dimensions in total.The BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON is not a battle of swords over arrows but of truth over illusion.The ARC OF THE COVENANT is not a box filled with tablets, it was an arc in consciousness between God and the Israelites. The Israelites had agreed to act as crucible for the upcoming advent of Christ, and had agreed to accept as condition the terms of the Ten Commandments as rules to live by in order to purify themselves in preparation.The LAST GENERATION does not foretell the ending of humanity, it is the parents of the baby boomers.