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Burning Star Frank Lee

Burning Star

Frank Lee

Kindle Edition
105 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When fire breaks out in a dingy nightclub one night in the middle of a Lyla Charles concert, all Hell breaks loose. The little known, Haitian born soul singer is trapped, along with her band and the remainder of the packed crowd who couldnt escape before the exit is consumed in flames. All seems lost until the quiet loner on the balcony leaps into action. Case Rawlins, an almost-was baseball star, manages to break a way to freedom for the singer and everyone left inside. But then the reluctant hero and rising soul diva slip away from the crowd left watching firefighters battle the blaze. They embark on an intense journey to come to grips with the intensity of their mutual, near-death experience only to discover the real intensity may lie in an undeniable connection between them, a connection of passion, lust and desire for something more. Taking every precaution to stay out of the public eye, news of foul play follows them until theres no choice but to come forward and face an evil that could tear them apart.