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My Childs First  Creative Writing Book Sophe Antoine

My Childs First Creative Writing Book

Sophe Antoine

Published February 5th 2013
Kindle Edition
12 pages
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 About the Book 

I am an elementary teacher with years of experience. After encountering a lot of difficulty in finding books to provide effective instructions to my young students, I decided to write them myself. My books target parents who wish to work with their own children and are ideal for homeschooling.This book was written for children between 4 to 6 years as an introduction to the concept of Composition and Creative Writing.Such a young child lacks skills in writing sentences due to spelling limitations.However, it is the stage in life when he/she really enjoys drawing and would use this technique to create his/her own picture stories.By associating images with written expressions, the child learns to visualize a complete story.The method outlined in this book allows your child to use his/her imagination to create stories. Therefore the ability to write a composition becomes less of a challenge.The written expressions for the story are already provided. The child has to draw an image which corresponds to the sentences below.HOW TO USE THIS BOOK1. On the first page, have your child put his/her name on the first blank line and surname on the second line.2. On the corresponding pages, use the blank space above the words to draw a picture to reflect the idea in the sentence.Enjoy and show off your child’s picture book.