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Handling Objections / Closing the Sale Richard Mulvey

Handling Objections / Closing the Sale

Richard Mulvey

Published September 20th 2011
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 About the Book 

Selling is not about coning the customer into buying something they do not need. If you do that you may make the sale but the customer will never return so you lose the customer. .Sales people who do this do not last long. Selling is all about going for Win-Win, making sure that both you and your customers win from the deal.Selling is always going for “Win-Win” but it’s also more than that. If you have a good product that you know your customer needs, then you are letting him down if you don’t make the sale.People like buying but they don’t like to make decisions. It is the salespersons responsibility to help the customer make the decision.Handling objections and closing the sale is all about bringing the customer to the point of decision and beyond. Without the good salesperson, the customer would find it very hard to compare the relative values of the various products he has to choose from, identify his real needs and come to a decision to buy.