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1966 And All That Craig  Brown

1966 And All That

Craig Brown

Published 2005
ISBN : 9780340897119
175 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

An utterly brilliant follow-up to the humour classic, by Britains funniest writer. 75 years on from the first publication of 1066 and All That, Craig Brown takes over where Sellars and Yeatman left off. With all the zest and exuberance of the original, 1966 and All That takes us on a half-remembered journey of imperial decline, loss of moustaches, The Sewers Crisis, angry young men, slightly cheesed-off young ladies, the onset of rock n roll, the doomed romance of Princess Margaret and Pete Townshend, the decade of the Ironing Lady - and an unstoppable increase in the quantity of Royals. 1966 AND ALL THAT - all the modern history you cant remember, narrated in a way you cant begin to understand. Therell be an exam too, so please pay attention.Ben Schott‘A work of comic brilliance . . . disconcertingly like my GCSE history course.’Andrew RobertsEasily the funniest comic writer in Britain today, Craig Brown has precisely caught the genius of Sellar and YeatmanSir Elton JohnWe love Craig Brown!Lynne Truss‘Outstanding, endlessly inventive and irresistible.’Stephen FryThe wittiest writer in Britain todayObserverA master satirist