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Crestview Academy: Molli Misty Reigenborn

Crestview Academy: Molli

Misty Reigenborn

Published April 12th 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Molli runs concurrent to Crestview Academy: Tory and not only tells Molli’s side of the story as to what went on between her and Jude, it takes a look into Molli’s own quest for love.Molli is a 17 year old Senior at Crestview Academy. She is embarrassed when her lover’s girlfriend Tory comes upon them together in the woods, but is glad to finally have Jude to herself. But one night when Molli’s roommate Mellenda is not at home and her boyfriend Ricky comes to visit, Molli is given a glimpse into what real love and passion can be and is soon caught up in a hot affair with Ricky.Ricky is a 19 year old college student who has always been taken with Molli’s beauty and her straightforward attitude. It was her he really wanted when he asked Mellenda to be his girl,but he never had the courage to tell her. When he makes love to Molli, he sees a future for them together, but can’t find a way to unentangle himself from Mellenda.Will Ricky tell Molli he loves her before it’s too late? Who is the real father of Molli’s baby?Now includes a sneak peek at the last book in the Crestview Academy series: Crestview Academy: Mellenda!