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Mistress F

Kindle Edition
20 pages
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 About the Book 

Between the years of 2010 and 2012 I worked in Thailand, with a very unique and discreet group of professionals. Known only by word of mouth, we were a highly sought after experience that few could afford.We were the Menagerie.During my time there, I witnessed every conceivable erotic fantasy that our discerning customers sought. No matter what the appetite, no matter how depraved, it was the task of the Menagerie to satisfy.Neither simple consorts or escorts, the associates of the Menagerie were nonetheless professionals- whose work led them to the exotic and strange. Every account in this series is a true recollection from one of one of these alluring courtesans, a chronicle of beautiful women and wealthy men- and the strange, dark desires that compel them both.Although a true account, all names and locations have been altered. These events did occur in Bangkok, and this is the only location which remains unchanged.This is a work for open-minded adults only. If you are uncomfortable with consenting adults broadening their sexual experiences, in frank and specific terms, then this work is not for you.Thank you for enjoying the Menagerie.For enjoying Tricia-----------------------------------------------------------------FROM THE BOOK:Harit? Will you come help me, please?I froze in place, for just an instant, as Master Michael called the “club manager” out. I knew the man, had even fucked him on more than one occasion. It was simply that I hadnt expected Michael to call him out tonight.Yes, sir? Harit was dressed in a grey suit with a brilliant blue tie. He looked powerful and assured. He threw me a wink from where he was.My pet is too close to coming. I need you to take her back down.Sir! No, please! It was one thing to be masturbating for all these strangers- it was another thing entirely to be spanked or whipped in front of them. That implied I had been bad, or had displeased my Sir somehow. Tears stung my eyes.It would be my pleasure, sir. How would you see her dealt with?There is a tawse behind the stage. Whip her pretty ass with it while she rubs her cunt for me.There was a mumbling in the crowd. I saw one man who looked as if he was going to burst from his pants, just at the thought of me being beaten.Harit walked over behind the stage and came out with the tawse. It was a wicked thing, and the leather ends were tapered, so they seemed sharper. He swung it through the air a time or two, listening to it cut.Dont stop rubbing your cunt, girl. This is what you are for.Yes, Sir. I pouted. I was already starting to cry, and I hadnt even been struck yet. At least he was still going to allow me to play with my pussy. That meant that Harit couldnt accidentally (or purposefully) strike my pussy lips.Hello, little one. Harits voice was both soft and threatening.“Good evening, sir.” I was fighting not to cry.He leaned close to me, his whisper was bladed, was sharp like night. I can smell your pussy, Tricia. Master Michael is right in making me do this. You are too close.”I whimpered. Please be gentle, Harit.He chuckled. I dont think thats what your Sir wants, do you?