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Eagle Court of Honor David Kenneth Bird

Eagle Court of Honor

David Kenneth Bird

Published June 19th 2006
ISBN : 9781424116775
206 pages
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 About the Book 

This was to be the ultimate challenge for William Baxter in his quest for the coveted rank of Eagle Scoutaa journey by camel following a small part of the ancient Silk Route across the Arabian peninsula from Safwan in Kuwait to Diraaiyah, the old capital city of Saudi Arabia. This was a journey no scout had ever undertaken and a journey that very few explorers had ever achieved because of the strict control imposed by Saudi Arabian internal security on foreign visitors. Precise planning dictated the dates- the fickle finger of fate produced the rest. Eight scouts and three leaders become enmeshed in the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Husseinas war machine. With only scouting skills, they face their greatest testato escape from Kuwait to complete the task William had sent them.